The tax rate is significantly lower

Over the next four years, funding provided by the State of Washington to the Puyallup School District will be insufficient to support all educational programs and daily operations of schools to properly meet the educational needs of students.

To continue funding daily operations not funded by the state, the Puyallup School District’s Board of Directors placed a levy on the ballot of the special election to be held February 13, 2018. It’s called an Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy and it has the potential to generate up to $31.5 million for 2019 to support things such as:

  • Classroom teachers, instructional aides, nurses, etc.
  • Textbooks and learning materials
  • Technology, Arts, Music, Athletic programs
  • Maintenance of school playgrounds and playfields
  • Heating, plumbing, health and safety, fire alarms and security systems

Levy rates depend on the final assessed value of homeowners’ property. Currently, based on information provided by the Pierce County Assessor’s office and state law, the estimated rate for the proposed levy is $1.50 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.

The current levy rate is $3.48 and the proposed levy rate is only $1.50!

This request is very reasonable. It’s much less than the expiring levy. Puyallup students deserve our support. We encourage you to vote YES on February 13, 2018.

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