Vote YES Puyallup!

Great Communities Have Great Schools

Puyallup is a great community with a strong tradition of excellence in our schools. We believe successful students and strong communities need excellent schools. Voting YES on the Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy ensures support for Puyallup students and maintains an excellent school system for Puyallup.

Renew the expiring levy

This levy is not a new tax. It renews a levy which will expire in December 2018. The daily operations of each school rely on our support of this levy. In fact, this levy provides for about 19% of the total budget for Puyallup School District. Without the funds of this levy the district would be forced to eliminate programs we believe are part of a basic education – like arts, music, and athletics. Nineteen percent of the budget is equal to about 170 teachers!!

Fiscally responsible

The school board has kept taxpayers in mind when asking us to approve this levy. They recently approved an inter-fund loan to reduce the amount of taxes collected in 2018. On November 6 directors approved a resolution to recertify the tax assessment for outstanding bonds by an amount $10 million less than what is needed for principal and interest payments in 2018. This will reduce the amount collected of tax payers, thus reducing what would otherwise be a one year spike in tax rates.

We think directors have been good stewards of the funding provided in the past. The reduction in our 2018 taxes is a good example. We trust them to make good decisions with this funding as well.

We believe in investing in our community. We wish to invest in our students.

We encourage you to vote YES for Puyallup Schools and ensure support for Puyallup students.

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